Thursday, January 06, 2005

World Aid for Tsunami Relief

It is amazing to think that the United States would be behind in anything in this day and age. Usually the U.S. likes to be at the front and center of the world stage. But in the global relief effort for the South Asia tsunami disater, they are the last. In a news article on Yahoo, it relates the fact that the U.S. is the least of the donors with $350 million. And now the Bush administration say that they are going to increase that package. Well, they started out with a measly $15 million, then went up to $35 million. Now they are up to $350 million. It seems to me that to the U.S., these contributions constitute a global contest of some sorts of who can be the biggest donor. In a global catastrophe of this magnitude, the U.S. should be leaders, like the Bush administration prides itself it to be. However, in this they are merely followers...and bad ones at that.

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