Friday, October 13, 2006

Queen of Procrastination

OK well I am officially the Queen of Procrastination....all bow to the Queen! I have neglected my blog so bad that they are sending Social Services out to my house. It's just that being a new mother is so much more time-consuming that I thought and in the words of my husband: "You only have ONE right now!" Ummm, I think I can count. But seriously, it is crazy. Everytime I get a routine down, something happens that changes it. Fazal is either cutting a new tooth or he doesn't want to sleep at night. It's always something. So you could say that I am only procratinating only when it comes to me because Fazal is doing great! Recently, I signed on to Facebook and MySpace and then I remembered this poor blog of mine. And everytime I get somewhat decent at HTML, I stop blogging and then I forget what I have learned and I have to start all over again! But I am going to do justice here and give my very first blog it due attention. And then hopefully, someone else will get my crown.

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