Monday, March 16, 2009

Roller Coaster to the Dragon's Den!

So starting your own business is like a roller coaster. Here's the first dip. See that big jumble of jewelry? Those are a few of the pieces that I made for the Medford Craft Show that was held this past weekend. Of course, with the husband at work, it would have been hard for me to get out there with the two little ones in tow, so Sheri was nice enough to sell for me! I heard from her last night and she told me that I made a whopping $27. Oh well. She said that the economy had a lot to do with it, since there was a huge crowd, but not a lot of buying. Here is everything all packaged up and tagged, ready for selling.

It doesn't look like a lot, and I guess as craft shows go, it wasn't. But Sheri told me to make as much as I could and just send it on over! So I made about 30 earrings, 20 necklaces and some bracelets. She has mailed everything back to me so I should be getting that soon. Then I will list everything in my shop!

Now here is where the ride gets better. I am finished with the custom order that I got from my sister's co-worker/friend, Dalana. She ordered one necklace at first and then she ended up with wanting three. Here they are:

Egyptian Goddess Hathor Necklace

Lotus Flower Prayer Box Necklace

Zodiac Libra Necklace

Now another dip. My consignment deal fell through. I was walking through the mall and I was peeking into the nail salon. I couldn't see my jewelry display anywhere! So I went in and the owner was all flustered and embarressed at seeing me there. She told me that she wasn't comfortable displaying it since there were children that would grab at it and she was afraid that they might steal it. Well, the counter was about 4 feet above these thieving children, and besides how many children came in to get their nails done? Of course, she just didn't want to display them so I took them back after telling her that she should have at least called me. She was all like, "Oh, I was going to call you on Monday." Sure you were. But that's all right. There were a couple of other places that seemed interested so I will try again!

I love featuring and promoting artists of all kinds. If you like candles and awesome body products, then you will love the Dragon's Den! Sarah is part of the fabulous EtsyNJ Street Team and her shop is so luxurious. See the pics of her Cinnamon Sandalwood Tea Light Candles and Oatmeal Honey Soap.

She is having a great giveway at her blog! Just go and vote for your favorite candle scents and leave her a comment. She will then pick 2 winners to receive a FREE set of 6 tea lights! There is NO catch, since she will even pay shipping! The poll closes March 23rd, so go vote and and enter yourself for a chance to win!

And with that, the ride has ended and I wish you all a scent-sational day ;)


Barbara Lil Dab Designs said...

Wow what a ride!!! SORRY TO Hear things did not go well at the flea market. and then the nail salon! the nerve of some people..but the ride ended smoothly...I also entered in the free give away. hope somebody we know wins. i love candles!stay in touch!

Aisha said...

Thanks Barbara! Thanks for your sentiments :) Yeah things can get bumpy, but I am learning quick that that is how these things go. Just brush yourself off and keep going!