Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Going With the Flow

Apparently, though I am fast approaching a milestone birthday (my 30th, gasp!), I have yet to neatly package myself into a certain type of person.

Who says I have to?

Life is complicated and tough without having to fit into pre-set molds that we must try to squeeze into...who wants to squeeze into something that will just make you all tense and tired and smothered? Not me and I hope not you either!

So though things are utterly crazy right now (not EVEN going to get into it!), I am going to teach myself to lay back, relax, not to take things so seriously. I started my blog to muse about the little things in life that we all tend to miss, and what happens? My evil, type-A, everything-must-be-perfect-or-it's-not-even-worth-it half overtook my other laid-back, beach-bum, sunshiny gal half and I totally neglect everything but the hassles and trials of the "real" world. Well, no more!!

I am going to walk a new path (that's me in the first pic, in my favorite black flowy skirt, walking a new path). I have been taught to schedule everything to the last second and to systematically work through everything until all is done. And though there is something to be said about scheduling and to-do lists, we all get so caught up in doing stuff, that we never just sit back and let things happen. So many things are overlooked and so many things, the truly important things get left undone.

I'm tired of being tired everyday, just drained from all the unnecessary and often imaginary stresses that I put on myself. I need to trust in God, and trust that my faith will see my through anything. I think a lot of our stress comes from the pressure that we put on ourselves to be bigger and better than everyone else....but why do have to be bigger and better? Why can't we just be ourselves and be content with that? If you have the drive that definately go for it. But the minute that you are unhappy, you need to stop and take a break and re-evaluate. I am not saying quit, not at all. I am saying that you should pace yourself so that it never comes to the point that you get burned out and do quit.

My daughter Zahra is a free spirit. Always smiling and laughing...until she really wants something and then she'll let lose a scream that will make your ears ring. But she gets over it pretty fast and goes back to her happy self. I used to be like that...And I am going to get that back.

Here's Zahra enjoying the simple things in life, a summer rain.

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a human, a daughter, a sister, an artist, an intellectual (at least I think so, I love to read!) But's that not all that I am. We are all so much more than these labels....

So burst out from that ill-fitting mold...I am. It didn't do much for my figure anyways.


Deana said...

Pretty new blog! I don't think I have this one saved to my blog reader...I'll change that so I can follow along!

Little Lovables said...

excellent post! and that skirt is lovely!