Monday, March 29, 2010

Treasure Box Jewelry Giveaway Event!

So, I have hit 200 fans on my Facebook fan page! Thank you so much to everyone who has fanned me :) As promised, here are the details for my first ever giveaway event!

As of right now, it will go on for at least a week and there will be 3 winners and 3 different prizes. The first prize is the pair of earrings shown above, the Morning Dew Earrings.

How can YOU get them? Here's how!

For 1 entry into this giveaway, leave a comment here telling me about a charity/cause that is close to your heart.

For another entry, go to my shop at Treasure Box Jewelry and leave a comment here on my blog, telling me what your favorite piece is!

For 2 more entries, you can make any purchase in my shop and let me know in the comments.

You can get one entry each for letting people know about this giveaway by either your Facebook or Twitter..if you do both, you get 2 entires! Just be sure to let me know in the comments!

That's it! Be sure to leave me your email or someway to contact you in case you win :)

For these earrings, the contest is open until Wednesday at 11PM EDT! So be sure to get your entries in. I will pick a winner at random and post it here! For the next prize, if you have already entered once, it still counts. However, you can still increase your chances by doing everything else, if you haven't already.

Good luck and have fun!!


Amelia said...

I had a hard time picking what I really liked b/c there are so many beautiful items that I love!! but, I really love these earrings!

ferfischer said...

Hello! I think you know the causes closest to my heart! Hugs!

TheHappySoul said...

My favorite charity is the World Wildlife Fund. I'm a sucker for animals. :)

TheHappySoul said...

My absolute favorite is this... LOVE these!

Deana said...

retweeted...posted on FB.

I left 5 positive feedbacks this morning...that was the only place I could figure out how to comment on the etsy page. Is there somewhere else?

and my favorite charity...once we get his trust set up, it will be Max's! But until then, I like promoting This organization collects funds for research into Max's disorder for kids around the world.

<3 how great your shop is doing!

Pat Elder said...

My favorite item in your etsy shop is:

This necklace is STUNNING!

(ChaseYourDream on Etsy)

TheHappySoul said...

I tweeted! Am I winning yet? LOL

TheHappySoul said...

Shared on FB! :)

Pat Elder said...

I just posted about your giveaway on my facebook page, too. Hope you get lots of views! If you do, maybe I'll try a giveaway. Hmmm . . .

(chaseyourdream on Etsy)

Pat Elder said...

And my favorite charity is The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

My Mom, who passed away last June, had parkinson's. She had a terrible time with it and it was so frustrating for her. I'm praying they find a cure for it soon!

(chaseyourdream on Etsy)

Krishenka said...

Difficult choice but decided that iron lotus was the one.

Deana said...

Oooooh...leave a message HERE on my favorite item from your store.

I love the drama of this piece:

This is my favorite piece I've ordered:

This is my favorite I wish I could wear earrings piece:

designsbykari said...

My favorite piece in Aisha's shop is her Layla Grace necklace. I know how much time and heart went into the planning and creation of this necklace!

Autism is close to my heart, Awareness as well as research. There are so many touched and so few who have even a small knowledge of the disease.

bettilouise said...

Hi Treasure!!

A charity close to my heart is the American Breast Cancer Association Cancer Walk. I do it every year and anyone can donate by going to their site.

My most favorite piece in your shop is these luxe hair pins!

easy123 said...


My favorite charity is Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer.

Love these earrings:

Mary said...

Aisha, My favorite charity is the Canadian Autism Society. My favorite item in your shop is this:


lauren said...

Favorite charity: I have been sponsoring a girl in Swaziland through World Vision for over 10 years now. It's amazing to watch her grow and to know that I helped make her education possible! My husband and I also send money through World Vision every year to build deep wells in Africa. I love World Vision because they are so transparent - I know the money is going directly to help where there is need.

Lauren said...

My favorite pieces currently are the Angel's Grace Necklace for Layla:

And the Wings of Wisdom necklace:

But I love love LOVE my Lotus Flower Earrings that I'm wearing RIGHT NOW!

Brianna Walling said...

I've gotta say that the earrings up for the giveaway are my ultimate favorite. But I love the Fairy Glass Hoop Earrings
too!! I have my fingers crossed for the giveaway though!! From one creative spirit to another, thanks!