Saturday, March 04, 2006

Initiation into BabyLand!

Hi everyone!! Well my last update was around the time when my baby was due. He was born on August 27th and he is already 6 months old!! We named him Fazal, which means God's blessing. So far everything has been so wonderful with him and we have a great routine set. I can't take all the credit for that; I think he was just born that was because he sleeps and wakes at the same times every day.....AND he sleeps through the night **gasp**!!! But seriously, I got really lucky with him and I think I see him as more precious because I had to suffer losing 2 pregnancies before finally having him. He is at a great stage right now, just starting to sit up and roll all around but he still needs me...but that will probably change in a few more months as we go to crawling and then walking. He has started solid foods now, actually for a couple of months now, and now he wants to feed himself. He of course lacks the motor skills to do so, but that sure doesn't stop him from trying!!!! All in all, it truly is a life-changing experience (excuse the sap here), and I can't even begin to imagine my life without this 15 pound love of my life!! Right now he is sleeping, so I thought I should probably get some things around the house, but my blog has been seriously neglected, so I figured I'd take a few minutes to give it some much needed TLC. Stya tuned for some more updates coming soon.....and I promise this time, it will be soon as in a couple of days, not a few months!! Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

hey! aashi here, im glad u updated. aww congrats on ur baby boy, fazal, nice name. congrats on being a mommy