Thursday, August 04, 2005

Last Days of Sleep

Well I am finally back...not that you all have missed me....but then again you may have. I had gotten so lazy about blogging. I mean I had just started and was going pretty good and then I just lost steam. I mean there were a couple of things that had occupied me, like buying a new house and expecting a know minor things like that. But now we are pretty much settled and my EDD is September 3rd so I got a few more weeks of sleep...however uncomfortable it is at this point! So anyways, I was up and I started reading a few of the blogs that I used to frequent. Then I started to feel bad about neglecting my blog even though it's not that vital to the Internet world (not yet anyways...hee hee)....and so I figured the web is pretty forgiving. So here I am crawling back with my head hanging down in shame. I also feel bad because I had just started to get into HTML and learning all of that and now I will have to start over. Oh well. Anyways, this is it for now but stay tuned for bigger and better updates especially on the baby!


markingals48492422 said...

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Anonymous said...

hey aishbelle! my name is aashi. i was just curious to see if any one had a blog with my name and was surprised to see a pakistani woman blogging! i feel really happy and i think i really can relate to you about how we're supposed to be "demure" and spending saturday nights doing HOMEWORK. "no hanky-panky" as people say. aaargh..the horror. My dad was born in pakistan.
I just hope you will continue blogging! you have not updated for a very very long time! How is your baby? and how are you?
anyways i hope you are okay and you can continue blogging.

Aishbelle said...

Hi Anonymous
Glad you liked the blog...yeah i haven't updated in a while partly because I am lazy and partly because I am so busy with my 6 month old! But I will be updating soon so keep checking!! Thanks!!