Friday, May 08, 2009

Twilight Jewelry, Treasuries and Twitter

At first, I really could not understand the whole hype behind the Twilight saga. Sure, I read the first book, and the writing was not the best. Of course, you have to take into account the target demographic (of which I am NOT, but shhh, don't tell!) But then I read about Stephenie Meyer and how she incorporated her own values, such as abstinence, self-control, etc., into the themes of the book. Though I am not Mormon like Stephenie, I also uphold the same values. So the books really started taking their hold on me. Plus, who could resist all that star-crossed romance and those supernatural love triangles! So I have become an almost-crazed fan. Almost I say, because, after all I am a busy mom and I simply don't have time to totally surrender to the vampire voodoo!

I make Twilight jewelry in my shop, though I only have a few pieces. The picture above shows my latest, just listed today. It is the Covered in Feathers Necklace, and you know what that means!! So go show some love to this necklace :) You can also view my other Twilight Jewelry in my shop on lovable Etsy!

Happy day! I always feel like that when I am in a treasury...and also when I get to make one of my own. Here is the lovely treasury that I was featured in, my Blue Danube necklace is at the bottom...

It features other members of the EtsyNJ Street Team and it is a lovely collection, curated by CreationsbyRobin. Check it out while you still can!

I love the color purple; passion, royalty, grapes, plums :) So I chose that color as my theme for the Passionate Purples treasury I curated yesterday, again featuring members of my team. Check it out and click away!!

I have joined Twitter, so if you Twitter, go ahead and follow me! It really is fun and you can use it for promoting your crafts and just let everyone what's going on in your daily life. I've put up the Twitter widget on my sidebar so you can see the updates on there too. And you can find other Etsians on there and see all of their new handmade treasures! Have a fabulous Friday everyone!!


Frenchell said...

Love the blog. I LOVE twilight! cute shop! i am totallt looking forward to reading your future blog posts!

Aisha said...

Thanks so much Frenchell!! I sometimes get so busy that my blog gets neglected...but I am getting better, so keep checking back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aisha!!! I'm glad I get to follow you on this blog:)