Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am A Snowcone....

Yes, it's true. I am continuing with my rant about snow and winter and all things cold. I used to like the cold. I used to like the snow. Really, I did. I did not hate it as I do now. However, after moving up North, (note the capitalization, since for me it may as well be the North Pole), my tolerance has dropped like the wind chill. I could have the heat on, wearing socks and a sweater and still be shivering under my blanket....yeah, even with the blanket, I'm cold. So basically all winter long I stay cold and shivery like some old lady with brittle bones.

However, I still do love the appearance of snow. It looks so pretty falling and everything looks all soft and cozy. These pictures are from our sunroom, where it just looked fantastic and brilliant. It makes me want to curl up in my fluffy robe with hot tea and a great book. Fazal was begging to go out and play. I wasn't too keen on that idea so I told him to wait until his dad came home. I remember we used to go out and play whenever it snowed. In Oklahoma, the winters are cold, but it never seemed to snow a lot. But maybe that's because I am thinking about those winters from a kid's perspective, where the general rule is that it can never snow enough. I never seemed to feel cold then....

Ok, enough about the me and the cold and all that boringness. Here are my latest earrings on Etsy. I got inspired by those beautiful "Water Lilies" paintings by Claude Monet. So of course, I named them the Water Lilies Beaded Dangle Earrings.

Water Lilies by Claude Monet
Also, I have been trying to market and promote my jewelry to local salons and such. A lot of them already carry jewelry, but I did have a couple of appointments with salon owners last week. I found a salon in the mall that would like to consign some of my jewelry! I am pretty excited about that! Now I just need to get down to business and start making stuff!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Featured Etsy Artist: Courtney Cates

For my first featured artist, I chose a newbie like myself. Courtney Cates is from Fort Deposit, Alabama where she is a full time student as well as a crafter. She has just opened her Etsy shop, BowsEtc09, a couple of weeks ago. I met her on Etsy on the forums and I wanted to help her promote her shop and get her some sales! She makes beautiful hair bows, bow boards, pillowcase dresses and burp cloths. Read on to see how she got started in crafting....

"I got started in crafting when my niece was born. I never could find hairbows that I wanted for her in the stores... they were all too expensive and all the same colors. I had a little experience in crafting already from when I was little. My mom made some hair bows and sewed a little and my dad did a lot of woodwork. I started making hair bows to match my niece's outfits. When I saw that she had too many hair bows, I started making the bow boards."

"Then, this past year I decided I wanted to start trying to sew because I knew I had the talent to do it if I could just get the time. So, I started making the pillowcase dresses. Then, a friend of mine had a baby and I did not know what to get her for a baby shower gift... and that's when I started making the burp cloths. "

Lime Green and Pink Pillowcase Dress

So, I was up to hair bows, hair bow/picture boards, pillowcase dresses, and burp cloths. I also make door bows (for Christmas, etc) and Christmas tree topper bows... and I made my first "real" dress a few weeks ago... by a pattern!! I also make baby blankets and what I call 'tie fleece blankets' and I'm working on trying to make a quilt... we'll see how that one goes! "

All of Courtney's items are made of quality materials and are made to withstand the wear and tear that comes with children. If you need something unique and handmade for a baby shower or for your own baby, head on over to Courtney's shop on Etsy!