Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potty Training, Treasure Box Jewelry, Etsy, and Winter

Yipeee!! OK first off, Fazal is doing really well with his potty training! This is actually a second attempt; we started this adventure back in August, just before he turned 3. It was NOT working at all, so back in diapers he went. A lot of people that I talked to told me to wait until he is 3, or even 3 and half. Waiting until then allows them to get better at control and all that. I was a little skeptical and very sick of changing diapers. But wait I did and now we started 4 days ago and he is really getting it. I am so happy and relieved...and yet again, amazed at this journey we call parenthood!

On to my beloved Treasure Box Jewelry. The story of how it started begins with Twlight. Just before the movie released, I got pulled into reading the books and seeing what all the hype was about. Well, at first I was like, why do people think this is amazing literature. Then I reminded myself of the demographic that it was aimed at. Even then, it's not great writing. But the plot and basis for the saga pulled me in and it worked its magic on me. So I was online one day and I was just wasting time and I came upon a link for Twilight-inspired jewelry. It led me here. Amazing jewelry and then on to amazing Etsy. I totally fell head over heels and I imagined that I could do the same. So I did and that is where Treasure Box Jewelry was born. Lisa , the author of the Little Lovables blog, has been amazing throughout the entire process, giving me tips and sending me goodies in the mail. I am forever grateful! So I am now a jewelry designer and I absolutely adore it. I am in the process of ordering busniess cards and seeing if I can get either wholesale or consignment orders, aside from my Etsy shop. I am always adding more pieces. Here is one of my latest:

I have lots more in my shop, and I try to list new items every few days. So be sure to check it out!

Thank goodness I have this jewelry venture to keep me busy this winter. I have come to the realization that I truly detest winter. The cold and the wind and the having to bundle up like the yeti to go out and get the mail. Also, the hassle is multiplied when you have young kids. TRying to wrestle them into fat puffy coats and then strap them into car seats...exhausting and frustrating! But most of all, it's the cold that seeps into my makes me feel feel like 92 instead of 29. Oklahoma had winters too, but New Jersey winters are different. I am just waiting for it to be over. Can't wait for t-shirts and flip-flops! I may make some cute anklets to celebrate!


Deana said...

Best of luck with the potty training! Lucky for you Zahra will want to be like her big brother sooner!

The jewelry is all so beautiful, and I hope your store ill do well!


Deana said...

**WILL do well...not ill!

Little Lovables said...

I am in the same boat with considering wholesale and such with my jewelry/ You should check this article out, it helps:

And thanks for the kind words!! Your work is beautiful!

Also, although Texas winters are not quite Jersey winters, I do know how you feel about how children in them makes it more difficult. 3 flights of stairs with 2 kids that want to be carried, puffy coats, wrestling the car seats... I feel your pain!

Danetta said...

Hi, I'm Deana's mom and I love your Etsy store! Best of luck with it.

Aisha said...

Thanks Deana! Potty training is going pretty well and I sure do hope Zahra does as well :)

LIsa, thanks for the article I will most definately check it out...hang in there, winter will be over soon!

Hi Deana's mom! You have an amazing daughter! Thanks so much for the comppliments!