Saturday, January 31, 2009

IndieSpotted, Crafty Neighbors, and CPSIA

I have been spotted! IndieSpotted that is. IndieSpotting is a website featuring, what else? Indie finds of all kinds. My Dragonfly Charms Optical Lens Necklace was on the first page, the second item! I am really honored that someone liked my necklace so much that they would submit it. Of course, there are so many other beautiful items on the site. I love persuing through sites like these; you can tell how much love and hard work went into all these creations.

Also, I have joined the EtsyNJ Street Team. They also have a really cool blog, as well as a Yahoo Group. I am really looking forward to meeting these crafty neighbors of mine! I am going to try and get involved in some of the craft fairs. It might be hard with these two little ones, but I am definately going to be as involved as I can.

More great news for the handmade community. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has granted a one year stay to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Read about it here! Though I might not have been affected, this would have shut down countless small businesses. Many people rely on the income generated from their handmade products, and this would have killed any chance they had of a decent living. I am SO glad that they have seen some of the light. Hopefully, this stupidity will just fizzle and die!

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for my first artist feature! I have been busy just playing around with my blog and making it nice and pretty. I think I finally have it now!


Little Lovables said...

I know, it is great to hear that about the CPSIA. And so glad you joined the street team. Some of them rally get out in the community and promote a lot.

There is that flickr page for craft fair set ups that can give you an idea of setting up your table if you plan on doing one.

Aisha said...

Thanks Lisa, for the craft fair table idea...I'll have to take a look at that :)

I know our jewelry wouldn't have been affected much by the CPSIA, but your felt items would have been. I am just glad that it had been granted that stay...I know a lot of people rely on those incomes, especially these days!